At Swing Doctors our primary focus is instruction.

With a variety of lesson packages, Swing Doctors specializes in individualized instruction to suit your personal needs.
Our golf professionals use state-of-the-art video analysis software to provide you with the highest level of training to improve your game.

 Programs and Pricing


Seeing your swing with video instruction takes the emphasis off of ball flight
and allows you to concentrate on body movement.

"The best golf swing is a repeatable golf swing." Jack Nicklaus

Lesson Packages

 The Tune-Up (4 Lessons & 8 in-studio training sessions)
Learn the keys of power and consistency. Focus on four fundamental areas needed for solid ball striking; set up, weight shift, swing plane, and impact.

Full Swing Check-Up (8 Lessons & 3 months in-studio training)
Four Lessons on the full swing and four lessons on the short game with 3 months to perfect it. A guaranteed way to shave those strokes for better scoring to beat your friends.

The Full Exam (12 lessons& 12 months in-studio training)
A comprehensive package that focuses on all aspects of the game including course etiquette.

Single lesson, 5 Lessons, or 10 Lessons- These packages do not come with any training time.

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